Getting into any type of car accident in Georgia is distressing. You may have injuries and property damage and may not know where to turn for financial compensation. Whether you need to hire a lawyer for a minor car accident will depend on the circumstances of your case and your goals for financial recovery. As a driver involved in a crash, it is up to you to properly handle the car insurance claims process while preserving your rights. Contact our experienced personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation.

Are Lawyers Required for All Car Accident Lawsuits?

No, hiring a car accident lawyer is never a requirement in a car accident lawsuit or another type of personal injury claim in Georgia. Legal representation is always optional for an injured party or plaintiff. It is always your decision to either handle an insurance claim or car accident lawsuit on your own or hire an experienced and licensed professional to represent you. The right choice for you will come down to elements specific to your car accident case, such as the extent of your losses and how the insurance company handles your claim.

What are the Reasons to Hire a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may benefit from hiring a car accident attorney to handle your case:

  • Did you report that you were uninjured, only to discover delayed injuries later?
  • Is the insurance company making it more difficult than necessary to receive benefits?
  • Are you facing unexplained processing delays?
  • Is the other driver’s insurance company disputing fault for the accident?
  • Are you receiving less compensation because of a pre-existing injury?
  • Is someone trying to blame you for the car crash?
  • Did the insurance company wrongfully deny your claim to benefits?
  • Is the insurance company offering less than you believe your losses are worth?
  • Do you suspect insurance bad faith?
How Can a Dallas Car Accident Attorney Help Me?
  • A car accident attorney in Georgia will have the knowledge, experience, and resources to help you overcome any obstacles you face as you try to obtain fair and full financial compensation for your minor crash.
  • You can trust your lawyer to negotiate with an insurance claims adjuster on your behalf, fighting for an adequate amount for your past and future losses.
  • In addition to negotiating a fair case outcome for you, a car accident lawyer can also take care of legal tasks so you can focus your full attention on healing. These tasks may include connecting you to doctors, collecting evidence, and hiring qualified medical experts to testify on your behalf.
  • You can rest, relax and concentrate on recuperating while a skilled attorney fights for the compensation you deserve.

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