Auto and truck accidents happen every day. The resulting impact an automobile accident can have on someone can be devastating. Even the simplest of fender benders can cause back and neck injuries that have a lasting effect on the victim. Injuries sustained from a car accident can be responsible for not only chronic pain and discomfort but for medical costs, loss of wages and even permanent disability.

Automobile and trucking accidents kill more people each year in the United States than any other consumer product. Automobile accidents can happen in a host of different ways consisting of rear-end accidents, left turn collisions, running of red lights or stop signs, speeding, unsafe lane changes and broadside collisions. No matter how clear liability appears to be, the driver of the other vehicle and his insurance carrier often dispute that they are responsible.

Because of this, in certain cases, we employ engineering experts who utilize auto accident re-creation technology to demonstrate how the accident or collision actually occurred. There are also cases where accounting experts may be used to show losses of the victim’s income and the present value of that loss. Your attorney must be able to determine when such experts are needed and how to use them in negotiations with the insurance company to settle your case or for use at trial.

Even in cases that are not complicated, the insurance carrier for the party at fault will often refuse to negotiate reasonably with the victim, believing that they can force a settlement for less than adequate or fair compensation.

We will do everything possible to settle your automobile accident case without going to trial, but if warranted, we will not hesitate to go to trial.

If you are a victim of an automobile or trucking accident, contact us immediately and allow us to protect your legal rights. We will be more than happy to provide you with a free legal consultation and to determine the best course of action to take on your behalf.

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