Just last week, the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) announced the launch of Georgia Digital Driver’s License and ID in Apple Wallet. The new technology was released in partnership with the Transportation and Security Administration to make screening easier.

It’s pretty simple: you add a digital version of your state-issued ID to your Apple Wallet right on your phone or watch and then present that digital identification at your security checkpoint at Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL) just like you would a mobile boarding pass. At ATL, this just applies to those with TSA PreCheck® for now.

Follow the prompts in your Apple Wallet and submit a photo of the back and front of your ID along with a selfie. Occasionally you may need to complete an extra step of verification, but for the most part, it is pretty easy.

But with any role out of new tech, there’s bound to be some confusion. DDS already had to put out a statement reminding people to “wear clothes” in their selfies, something that should really go without saying.

Now the Marietta Police Department is having to remind the public that while the Georgia digital ID is clear for takeoff, the rules of the road are different.

The department put out a statement clarifying that drivers still need to carry a physical copy of their driver’s license when they get behind the wheel.

“[Georgia Digital Driver’s License and ID] makes TSA CHECKPOINTS quick, easy, and secure. While this new tool is helpful at the airport, please CONTINUE TO CARRY YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE when you are operating a vehicle,” the statement reads in part.

So, the next time you forget your license and think “I’ll be fine, I have my digital ID,” think again.

For more information on the Georgia Digital Driver’s License and ID, you can visit the DDS website. You can also view any of the embedded how-to videos in this story to help get you set up.


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