A motorcycle accident often results in traumatic injuries for the rider. Even when a motorcyclist is wearing protective gear, the impact of a crash can cause life-threatening conditions. It is crucial that a motorcyclist takes certain steps after getting injured in a motorcycle accident to protect their right to compensation. One of those steps includes contacting a Georgia motorcycle accident attorney to discuss the rider’s legal rights.

Three Steps To Take Getting Injured In A Motorcycle Accident

1. Call 911 to Request Police and EMS

Every motorcycle accident is serious. A rider needs to make sure to report the crash to the police and that they receive immediate medical attention. Having an official record of the accident is essential when filing an insurance claim. Receiving immediate medical attention is also vital. Sometimes, insurance companies may claim that a rider did not sustain injuries in an accident if there is a delay in medical treatment.

2. Gather Information at the Accident Scene

This step may or may not be possible, depending on the rider’s injuries. However, if possible, a motorcyclist should document as much information and evidence as possible. In some cases, a bystander or witness may take pictures or take notes for the motorcyclist. The rider may also want to call a friend or family member to come to the scene to document information.

Important information to gather includes:

  • Pictures and videos of the accident scene, including the location of the vehicles, damage to the vehicles, skid marks, debris, etc.
  • Names and insurance information for all drivers
  • Names and contact information for eyewitnesses
  • Notes regarding statements made by witnesses or other drivers

3. Report the Accident to the Insurance Company

The rider needs to report the accident to their insurance provider, even when they are not at fault for the crash. In some cases, the rider may receive insurance benefits under their insurance policy. These benefits include Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist coverage, PIP coverage, or Medical Payment coverage.

However, it is best for the motorcyclist to avoid giving any recorded or written statements about the accident to an insurance provider before consulting with an attorney. Statements made to an insurance provider could be used against the rider in the case. A common tactic of insurance adjusters is to pressure an accident victim to make a statement before they meet with a lawyer.


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