You have an intersection green light. Or the right of way at a stop sign intersection. You pass through.

Suddenly…BAMM!! Somebody has run their red light or stop sign. They T-bone you. Or you T-bone them.

Your car is damaged or destroyed. You’re immediately in pain. In shock.

Where did they come from? You had the right of way. They failed to yield as the law requires.

What next? Try to gather yourself. Call 911. If you can, take pictures of where the vehicles have come to rest. PICTURES ARE ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT IN INTERSECTION WRECKS!! Why? Because no matter who’s wrong, fault will be contested simply because the wreck happened at an intersection.

So, if you’re able, take lots of photos.

And be clear with the police officer as to exactly what happened, including eyewitnesses who will testify on your behalf…CRITICAL!!

If you need an ambulance and an emergency room visit, use them. Your health is more important than anything else.

Since intersection wrecks are very tricky, call us at (770) 594-1805 as soon as possible for a free consultation to help you sort through the complications.

Why? Because you matter to us.

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