As a parent, you know how busy just taking your kids from one activity to the next can keep you. There seems to be a never-ending schedule of after school activities, doctor appointments, parties, and other places to be. That’s part of the reason that rideshare services have become so popular; many parents have taken to these services to help them save time and get their children from one place to the next. But is it really a good idea?

What Is the Company’s Policy?

According to Uber and Lyft, the two main rideshare companies, their policy is that the people requesting the ride should be at least 18 years of age. The companies state that they do not allow minors to request a ride, even if it is an adult that requests it for them unless the adult is accompanying the minor. This means that unless you are 18 years of age or older, you cannot ride in an Uber or Lyft vehicle without an adult.

Who Is Responsible for Atlanta Ubers?

It would appear, via the companies’ policies, that because the rider must both understand and obey the rules, the rider would be responsible. However, by the number of parents who report using Uber and Lyft to pick up and transport their children, it is obvious that plenty of people are not following these rules.

Drivers may be motivated monetarily to transport a child, even though they aren’t supposed to. They could also be deactivated from Uber or Lyft and not allowed to drive for the companies.

Is Your Child Really Safe in an Atlanta Uber?

While you may feel comfortable using Uber or Lyft to transport your children, is it actually safe? Many parents say they feel their child is safe because they can watch their child travel from place to place using GPS. However, their child is still traveling with a stranger. These drivers do undergo background checks, but not to the extent that other public transit drivers do.

You are entrusting a stranger to act as a guardian for your child. What happens if your child misbehaves, for example? Uber and Lyft drivers are allowed to cancel a ride and drop off an adult that becomes unruly. What happens if your child becomes unruly during their ride? Also, who is responsible for installing a car seat if your child still needs a child restraint? Under Georgia law, rideshare vehicles still fall under those required to have proper child restraints in their vehicles.

Contact an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Today

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